How Does the KAB Flowerscape Crew Winterize Their Garden Soil?

by Cindy Pantea

Flowerscape crew preparing soil for winter

Flowerscape Crew winterizing the Community-Supported Flowerscape by the Interbelt. Pictured are Tim Wilson in the front and Sue Johns in the back.

If you have been driving around Akron, you might have spotted the Keep Akron Beautiful Flowerscape crew, in their fancy turquoise shirts, preparing the Flowerscape beds for winter.

Akron resident, Ronald, did, and he had a question:

What is the Flowerscape Crew spreading on top of the soil of the Flowerscape beds? I want to do it too.

how to winterize your flowerscape soil like Keep Akron Beautiful

Polly and the Crew in their turquoise shirts. Pictured are Chuck Grunenwald (on left behind the pink flowers), Sue Johns in the back, and Polly Kaczmarek at right.

I asked Polly, the KAB Flowerscape Director, and she stated:

We are spreading last year’s leftover compost from Akron Compost. The Akron Compost facility is now closed but other types of compost material is available at garden centers, or places like Copley Feed. We are also adding the used potting soil from our window boxes and hanging baskets to some of the beds.

There you go, Ronald, and readers. That is your tip from Polly for winterizing your flowerscape beds.


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