Historic Wash House Repainted

By Genevieve Bohnak, The University of Akron Intern

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Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) and the Summit County Historical Society teamed with employee volunteers from FirstEnergy Corp. on Friday June 20, 2014 to paint the historic Wash House at the Perkins Mansion.

Over 60 volunteers came out to not only repaint the 119 year-old wash house but also painted the gazebo and the interior of the 177 year-old Perkins Mansion located on 550 Copley Road.

The project was part of United Way Day of Action Friday and made possible by the National Painting Week Ohio Grant that Keep Akron Beautiful and the historical society received from Keep Ohio Beautiful. The grant enabled volunteers to renew a community structure, acquire 40 gallons of exterior paint, paint supplies, and free advice from Sherman Williams employees.

Four groups in Ohio received painting grants, which only two of those groups will receive another $500 gift card from demonstrating best visual impact and revitalization story. Both KAB and the Summit County Historical Society officials took before and after photos in hope that they are one of the groups to receive the gift card. Jacqui Flaherty, Keep Akron Beautiful Program Manager said “We have a lot of painting to be done.”




Read the article in the Akron Beacon Journal:  http://www.ohio.com/news/local/volunteers-paint-historic-wash-house-at-perkins-mansion-for-united-way-day-of-action-project-is-among-90-across-summit-county-1.497656

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