Dreamscape Makeover Gives Macedonia Winner a Hidden Garden

By Johanna Barnowski, Intern

Our 14th Dreamscape Makeover is complete! The Dreamscape Makeover funds KAB’s Flowerscape program, which has allowed us to plant over 1 million flowers since 1982. This year, we were able to raise $19,275!

This year’s winner, Hollie Lerchbacher of Macedonia, was selected to receive a $10,000 front or backyard makeover, designed by the 2017 lead landscape designer and project manager, Leah Heiser, Flowerscape Director at Keep Akron Beautiful.

landscaping plan for home makeover

Leah Heiser’s Landscape Plan for Makeover

Leah created a plan to transform Lerchbacher’s backyard into a hidden garden. Prior to the makeover kickoff, W. L. Tucker Supply Company, Inc. delivered great quality patio materials to the home. The homeowner opted to pay extra to have the patio installed. The patio was installed and the sod was removed for new beds by RG Thomas Landscape and Design, Inc. The trees were pruned by Advanced Arboriculture – they also were able to take down a big blue spruce last minute! The electric lines were laid by Tim’s Custom Electric for the lighting installed later during the makeover.

On day one, Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. went out to stub out for back flow. TerraScape, Inc. delivered quality compost from KB BioEnergy, Inc. and blew the compost into beds. The existing beds were all cleaned up by Blooming Designs – they did a great job weeding and worked very hard! The beds were then tilled by the KAB Crew. The day was finished with the beds being edged by Lewis Landscaping, who edged fast, deep, and clean lines.

beginning over home makeover with empty beds tilled

Day two was filled with deliveries. Plants and trees were delivered from Suncrest Gardens, Dayton Nurseries, Pam’s Perennial Plant Farm, LLC, and Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center. A bench was also delivered from Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center! Additionally on day two, irrigation was installed into the new beds by Naragon Companies. They had a special attention to detail and knew exactly what equipment would be the most appropriate.

beginning over home makeover with empty beds tilled and some plants out

Flowerscape Crew Member Sue Johns Working on the Makeover and carrying buckets

Flowerscape Forewoman Sue Johns Working on the Makeover

Day three was planting day! All trees and all perennials were planted by Graf’s Landscaping and Nick’s Landscaping. They planted very diligently, mindfully, and did a great job pairing the quality products. Graf Growers Garden Center also delivered patio pots, a hook, and a bird house.

crwes planting flowers and trees at home makeover

On day four, all of the planting was finalized by the KAB Crew, and lights from Cascade Lighting, Inc were installed by Tim’s Custom Electric. The homeowner loves the lights and will be a returning customer!

patio with beds of trees and flowers being planted by crewsnaragon and wilson plumbing working outside on home makeover installing

On the last day of the makeover, mulch from KB BioEnergy, Inc. was picked up and installed by TerraScape, Inc. They were careful to keep the mulch clean and neat! The KAB Crew placed the trellis and patio pots and cleaned everything up. The makeover was completed!

Our crew was well taken care of with drinks from Circle K and cookies from Main Street Gourmet!

A huge thank you to all of our vendors! All of the products were great quality and much appreciated. All of the workers worked hard to make this dream come true for the homeowner. We truly could not have done this without them!

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