Dreamscape Makeover Complete!

Last week, KAB wrapped the 2015 Dreamscape makeover, marking another successful year! Our grand prize winners, Michael & Karen Kaufman of Bath Ohio begin meeting with KAB and Suncrest Gardens to discuss their Dreamscape Wish List. Dan Van Voorhis and Russ Hench, lead landscape designers from Suncrest, came up with a plan to transform the Kaufman’s backyard, including the removal of an existing wooden deck, installation of a patio, seat wall, fire pit and new landing from the back door.
Dreamscape Before #2A

The Kaufman’s felt their wooden deck was too large, and often went unused. The winners are avid travelers, which meant they also wanted to make sure that the new landscaping would be low maintenance.

planUnfortunately, the Kaufman’s wish list exceeded their $10,000 prize. Rather than cut part of their dream plan, they decided to pay for the additional work and material, working with our vendors partners to have the firepit, seat wall, and landing included. Dan and Russ met with the Kaufmans multiple times to help them with material selection. Attention to detail was crucial for this makeover because the homeowners would be travelling the entire duration of the makeover! With the guidance of Suncrest Gardens and coordination of KAB, our 22 vendor partners were able to transform the Bath backyard into the stuff of dreams—all before the Kaufman’s returned home!

Dreamscape After #2B
Prior to leaving for vacation, the Kaufman’s had part of their deck removed. When they return, they plan to have steps from the deck installed to lead to their new patio! Work began for our vendor partners on August 3rd, with R. G. Thomas Landscape and Design, INC. prepping the area where the new patio would go. That included temporarily removing an existing brick pathway and getting the ground all level. IMG_0847



With hardscaping materials from W.L. Tucker Supplies Company, INC., the RG Thomas crew was able to begin laying the groundwork for the new patio! Tucker provided pavers for the patio, firepit, stone steps, caps for the seating wall columns, limestone and polysand.




Russ and Dan advised throughout the week to make sure that project was on track with what the homeowners had envisioned! (Pictured about are Russ Hench and Dave Thomas– of R.G. Thomas)



By day three, the patio really started to take shape. Graf’s Landscape & Design took care of laying the pavers for the portion of the IMG_0893patio that would connect the remaining wooden deck, while Naragon Irrigation worked on installing irrigation for the new flower beds that would come later that week.


On the fourth day, it was  time for Nick’s Landscaping of Ohio LLC. to chip in with the patio work, as well as reinstall the brick walkway that had been removed earlier. In addition to the labor and equipment Nick’s provided for the project, straw and grass seed were also donated. Lawns go through a lot during the makeover process and usually need a little help recovering post-makeover!

IMG_0904  IMG_1369
Terrascape made several trips to the Dreamscape site, delivering topsoil and mulch, donated by KB BioEnergy. The crews from Terrascape also helped get the new beds ready with the topsoil for the KAB Flowerscape Crew that would come in to plant the next day.

IMG_0921 IMG_0914
Bright and early on August 7, the KAB crew arrived to plant & mulch! Dayton Nurseries provided beautiful Blue Spruces, Atrovirens, Viburnums, Atrovirens, Spirea, and Fine Line Buckthorns (those are the trees & shrubs for those that are not as horticulturally inclined!) while Pam’s Perennial Plant Farm LLC donated Reed Grass, Geraniums and Coral Bells. In addition to the donated new plants, the KAB crew was tasked with transplanting the Kaufman’s plants that had lined the old deck.

IMG_0987 IMG_0990
Tim’s Custom Electric installed a series of up-lights and path lights, donated from Cascade Lighting. Graf Growers Garden Center donated two potted plants, frame the new landing with a vibrant pop of color, and will thrive in the full sun on the patio!
IMG_0996 IMG_0992
In addition to a Shepard’s hook and hanging basket, Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center donated a beautiful birdbath placed in the landscaping where a stump had originally been, prior to Advanced Arboriculture grinding it away! Karen Kaufman had expressed how she loves bird watching, so the new birdbath should compliment her hobby!
Keep Akron Beautiful would like to thank all of our 2015 vendor partners for their support including Circle K and Main Street Gourmet for providing beverages, ice, cookie dough, and drinks for the Vendor Partner crew members. The agency also gives special thanks to Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc., Star Printing Co. Inc. & YES Press Printing Co., for their donations marketing and communications expertise. Thank you also for the support from Wilson Plumbing and Heating Inc. and Paul’s Greenhouse!
Dreamscape After #1B
Thank you to Shelby Baker, our summer intern from the University of Akron. For the first time ever, we will have a video of the Dreamscape week thanks to Shelby!
Finally a big thank you to Bruce Ford who provided the before and after shots of the makeover.

For more pictures, check out our Facebook album!

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