Don’t Let Fall Cause You To Fall Behind On Your Flowerbed Chores

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern
When fall approaches the leaves change color, pumpkins are everywhere, and our wardrobes get thicker. With everything else changing, you might not consider your flowerbeds. Just like everything else, your flowerbed needs to be altered as well. Here are some chores that need done before fall ruins the beautiful work put into your flowers this past summer.

Weeding and Cleaning
Don’t let your beds fall behind on weeding and cleaning this fall! Avoiding these chores can make it harder to maintain your beds the following spring! Make sure to continue picking weeds in your garden and removing dead items, such as sticks, leaves, and flowers. Not only will this chore make your garden look pristine, it will keep it healthier as well!

Dead items like this should be removed from your beds before winter comes!

Dead items like this should be removed from your beds before winter comes!


Loosen up Soil
If you have been avoiding this chore all summer now is the time to get it done! Aerating your soil should be done frequently and is a quick fix to make sure your soil stays in top shape for your flowers! You can get this done by using a shovel to lift and blend the soil together. It’s that simple! After mixing your soil you can smooth it back out and water it to really maximize your bed’s health!

Shovel and Soil --- Image by © L. Clarke/Corbis

You should mix your soil regularly to help your flowers grow better!

Narrow Down Your Garden
Gardens can sometimes become unruly during the summer months. If your garden has seemed to expand, slim it down to get it back in tip-top shape. Weeding and removing dead debris can assist a lot, but sometimes plants can just grow to close together! This can be mended by removing a few plants here and there. Make sure to excavate the entire root to make sure the flower does not grow back. This opens up more space for the remaining flowers to breathe and absorb nutrients.


This Flowerscape site is a good example of how close flowers in your bed should be!

These quick fixes in the fall can really keep your bed healthy and prepared for next spring! After completing fall chores, it is an ideal time to plant your fall bulbs! Planting fall bulbs in a healthy groomed flowerbed can almost guarantee healthy beautiful bulb blooms the following spring! Make sure to complete your chores soon, as the first frost will be here before you know it!

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