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by Cindy Pantea

If you have made a New Year’s resolution to do a volunteer activity this year, you may want to check out Keep Akron Beautiful’s volunteer information page to access the 2015 Volunteer Done-In-A-Day opportunities.

From participating in a litter survey to assisting with KAB’s annual volunteer Adopt-A-Site clinic to doing a cleanup activity as part of Clean Up Akron Month, you are sure to find something that you alone or a group with which you are affiliated can do.

Just print, fill out and return your Done-In-A-Day opportunities form to Keep Akron Beautiful, 850 E. Market St., Akron, OH 44305. If you do not have computer access, call us at 330.375.2116 option 1, and we will mail a volunteer packet to you.

Volunteering with Keep Akron Beautiful is a great way to help your Akron neighborhood and community. Fill out your Done-In-A-Day form and return to us today!

Other Ways to Volunteer and Keep Akron Beautiful

litter pickup keeps akron beautiful

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If our Done-In-A-Day opportunities are not feasible for your calendar, there are other ways to volunteer within your community and keep Akron beautiful. Here are some ideas:

  1. While taking your dog for a walk or walking to a friend’s house, take a trash bag and pick up litter along the way.
  2. Offer to shovel snow from an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk.
  3. Get a group of folks from your church or neighborhood who would be willing to do a spring cleanup for an elderly neighbor or do a community garden.
  4. Do a report on litter prevention, recycling, Arbor Day, graffiti prevention or something else environmental and contact us so we can put your findings on our social media outlets to help increase awareness.

As it states on Wikipedia, volunteering is an activity that promotes goodness and can help improve quality of life. While you give of your time and do not receive financial gain, volunteering can increase your self respect because of helping your community.

What will you do for your community in 2015?

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