BULBS 101: Tiger Lilies Can Be Used for What?…..

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Bulbscape is quickly coming to a close, but Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) has more info on bulbs to share! If you haven’t gotten the chance to browse through the catalog or you missed our latest bulb blogs don’t worry! This week’s bulb blog is all about our New Tiger Lilies.

Although the name is fierce, Tiger Lilies don’t require much special attention. Plant your Tiger Lilies in early to mid-autumn and make sure to keep the soil moist for beautiful lily blooms from July to September. These easy to grow bulbs will bloom upwards of 3 to 4 feet tall and 3 inches wide. Besides producing vibrant attention-getting petals with spots, these flowers can be used for an array of things! Check out some of the uses you can use your Tiger Lilies for:


BouquetYour Tiger Lilies will make a beautiful and cheap addition to any bouquet! Pluck them from your garden, and add them to your bouquets for their stunning colors and unique petals. Tiger Lilies can make your bouquet pop or add a subtle elegance to your walk down the isle.

Hair Accessories

HairBe unique and add these bulbs as an accessory. Dare to be the only one at Prom with these exotic bulbs lighting up the room! Putting them in your hair can really attract glamours attention at any event!

Cake Topper

Wedding CakeDazzle everyone at a party when you use your Lilies as a cake topper. These bulbs look stellar on top of wedding cakes or attention grabbing on a birthday cake! Either way, you’re bound to make your guests jealous!

Window Treatments

Window TreatmentLight up rooms in your home by placing an arrangement of Tiger Lilies in front of a window. Bright colors can attract attention and make your rooms appear more open. Or place a subtle white Tiger Lily assortment to add elegance and a taste of exotic to your home!

Center Piece

CenterThis is one you might not have considered! Tiger Lilies look great in a garden or a pot, but have you thought about submerging them in water? Center pieces like the one pictured here add picture-perfect beauty to your tables. Add a floating candle on top of the water to help highlight the colors in the petals and to bring a touch of unique to the table.

These are just a few ways you can use your beautiful Tiger Lilies next summer! Use some of these examples or get creative and make up some new uses for Tiger Lilies! Be sure to share your examples and ideas here or on our Facebook page! Dare to be different and who knows, maybe your creations could be used for next year’s Bulbscape blogs! Enjoy your Tiger Lilies!

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