BULBS 101: Getting to Know our Bulbs – Part 2

By: Shelby Baker: Communications Intern

Bulbscape has begun and Keep Akron Beautiful couldn’t be more excited! If you are considering purchasing bulbs this year but are not sure what types we have, you’re in luck! Check out our second set of bulbs and see if any sound like a good fit for your garden!


  • SquillStriped Squill – Success is the only option for these little bulbs! Create a carpet of pleasant ice-blue flowers on your lawn. Place a handful here and there in your garden for an icy emphasis. Wherever your heart desires, plant these bulbs and watch them bloom successfully from March through April!





  • WindflowersGrecian Windflowers – Grecian Windflowers make a pretty addition to any lawn or garden. Use them as a border in your garden or produce a natural-looking floral carpet in your lawn. The possibilities with these bulbs are endless!






  • PastelsPastel Tulip Mix – Craft lovely bouquets into center pieces for Easter dinner or plant them in your garden and make your mother-in-law jealous! However you use them, these soft colored tulips are the perfect blend of pastel colors for your garden and home this spring!





  • snowcrocusSnow Bunch Crocus – Come March, if you can’t wait for the snow to melt, Snow Bunch Crocus are the bulbs for you! This group of purple, yellow and white bulbs bloom right before spring, bringing liveliness back to any garden. Get a jump on your spring flowerbed and order Snow Bunch Crocus today!





  • Martinette NMartinette Narcissus – Although these bulbs look much like Daffodils, they are a completely different flower we assure you! These smaller bulbs have a strong scent lasting through all of April and grow in clusters of four to eight blooms. Move over King Alfred, there’s a group of new aromatic bulbs in the flowerbed!





  • Giant tulipsGiant Dutch Tulips – Giant Dutch tulips rule the tulip world. Considered the toughest of all tulips, these bulbs flower for years in a colorful bi-color and solid color display. These giants are great for any garden looking for tulips that are willing to go the extra mile to stand out!





  • LiliesNew Tiger Lilies – These new and improved bulbs are extraordinary to say the least. Blooming in at an enormous height of 3’ – 4’ tall, these bulbs are huge! Adding to their hugeness is their exquisite display of red, white, yellow, and pink dotted petals. Planting these striking beauties will add a marvelously exotic feel to your garden from July to September.




  • Blue BellsHeavenly Blue Bells – Besides being beautiful, these bulbs are quite tough and easy to take care of. Heavenly Blue Bells tend to live for many years and thrive well when planted next to tulips or daffodils. However, pairing them with any flower will present a lovely accent to your garden.





  • the_works_large“The Works” – This assortment has everything you need to have a charming conventional spring garden. With a variety of alpine bells, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, bluebells and snow bunch crocus, you can’t go wrong! This package is great for first time bulb growers or those who can’t decide which bulb would look best in their lawns. Why settle for one type of bulb, when you can have this lovely hodgepodge of bulbs bloom in your garden next spring?!



After getting to one each one of our bulbs, we hope that you can find the perfect match for your garden!

Want to know more about bulbs? Make sure to check in on the KAB blog throughout the upcoming weeks. Bulbscape is in season, so we will be sharing more on bulbs to help make sure you are prepped and ready for planting season!


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