BULBS 101: Getting to Know our Bulbs – Part 1

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Bulbscape has begun and orders have started flying in! If you are considering purchasing bulbs this year but are not sure what types we have, you’re in luck! In this two part blog we will be introducing our bulbs and showing a little of what they have to offer! Check out our first nine bulbs and see if any one sounds like a good fit for your garden!


  • King AlfredKing Alfred Daffodils – Considered the “king” of all daffodils, these bright yellow flowers might intimidate the rest of your garden. King Alfreds bloom rather large and multiple rapidly. If you’re looking for more bang for your buck these are the bulbs for you!





  • Purple DrumsticksPurple Drumsticks – These ball-shaped flowers bloom in at a whopping 2-3′ tall! Drumsticks bloom from May to June and come in a lovely crimson shade. Add these bulbs for a lovely long-lasting accent to your garden!





  • MixedMixed Daffodils – Unlike the King Alfreds, these bulbs bloom with a variety of colors and sizes. Order this stunning combination today and watch your garden be filled with an array of white, yellow and bi-colored bulbs!





  • Red tulipsRed Parade Tulips – Tulips have been a favorite among gardeners for years. With these gorgeous vividly red tulips in your yard you will be envied by the neighborhood. These bulbs will definitely add more color and attraction to your lawn from months!





  • Blueberry RippleBlueberry Ripple Tulip – If you are looking to switch your red tulips for another tulip this year, these are the bulbs for you! Blueberry Ripple Tulips bloom with striking pure white and deep violet-purple flames. Plant these bulbs in your garden and watch them bloom into the most beautiful tulips you could imagine!




  • Super ColorSuper Color Hyacinths – Much like their name suggests, these bulbs are super! If you want bulbs that can do it all these are the bulbs for you! Plant them next to your perennials for an accent. Use them to mark the border of your flower bed. Whatever the purpose, these flowers will leave neighbors in awe of their variety of colors and long lasting fragrance.




  • Indoor Paper WhiteIndoor Narcissus Paper White – Have you ever wanted your bulbs to last year round? If you said yes, then order Indoor Narcissus Paper Whites. These bulbs can be planted inside your home, giving it a lovely smell of spring! They’re also great gifts at showers!





  • FoxtrotFoxtrot Tulips – If you’re looking for an attractive and less-expensive alternative to roses these are the bulbs you have been waiting for. These striking rose-like shaped flowers are a great alternative to give as a gift. They are just as beautiful at half the cost!





  • Alpine BellsAlpine Bells Assortment – This assortment of bulbs is for those who are looking for more than just one kind of bulb. Double your pleasure with this cluster of flowers. With it’s variety in color and strong fragrance, this assortment is sure to rock any garden and give it the zest it needs!




If you looked through our list and decided that none of these bulbs are for you, check out next weeks bulb blog! We will be introducing the rest of the bulbs offered in this year’s Bulbscape fundraiser! Make sure to check it out so you can find the perfect bulb fit for your garden!

Want to know more about bulbs? Make sure to check in on the KAB blog throughout the upcoming weeks. Bulbscape is in season, so we will be sharing more on bulbs to help make sure you are prepped and ready for planting season!

LogoYou can order bulbs now by going to hhtp://groups.dutchmillbulbs.com/keepakronbeautiful.php and listing Keep Akron Beautiful in the “Add special instructions to the seller” box!

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    • No problem LaNeita! Don’t be afraid to share pictures with us when your bulbs bloom next season as well. We would love to see your great ideas bloom!

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