Akron Recycling Is Frustrating! I Can’t Find Bags!

by Cindy Pantea

Keep Akron Beautiful has received comments and questions from residents wondering where they can find clear or blue recycling bags for their smart cart recycling.

Here is the answer to that, straight from Robert L. Harris, Jr., City of Akron Sanitation and Recycling Superintendent, and it’s a good one:

“You do not need to bag recyclables anymore as you will be able to throw all accepted recyclables together in the recycle cart LOOSE. Make sure all food/drink contents are rinsed beforehand. We made this decision a few weeks ago.”

Here is a link to the new flyer: http://www.akronohio.gov/cms/resource_library/files/7e608dcad40aa057/let_s_recycle_website_rev_10_2013.pdf

Thank you to all those recyclers out there who emailed Keep Akron Beautiful regarding this conundrum. If you have additional questions, please contact the City of Akron 3-1-1 Call Center.

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