A Garden of Bulbs at the KAB Office!

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) has designed a way for you to see which of our bulbs best matches your personality! Take our Bulbscape quiz today to find which bulb would be best for your garden based on your personality! The KAB team has already taken the quiz and the results are in! Check out who’s personality matches which flower!

Flower Collage

Intern Lauren – Striped Squill!!

Lauren Collage

It’s no surprise Keep Akron Beautiful Intern, Lauren Brady got Striped Squill! Like these icy-blue bulbs, Lauren is a hard worker and has been successful at jobs here at Keep Akron Beautiful! Just about any project KAB gives Lauren tends to flourish into something that lasts a full season! You’ve gotten to see examples of Lauren’s work in projects like the Bulbscape logo! Lauren continues to flourish in our offices and on projects she commits herself to!


Cindy – Foxtrot Tulips!!

Cindy Collage

Office Manager Cindy Pantea got Foxtrot Tulips! Much like these angelic-like flowers, Cindy manages to light up the office with her charming self for months! Cindy seems to thrive best when she is able to be creative! Being creative and having fun around the office is why Cindy’s best fit is the Foxtrot Tulip! Her soft personality matches the soft-pink petals, these flowers bloom and we love to see her dancing from project to project, within the office!


Elaine – “The Works“!!

Elaine Collage

Controller Elaine Murphy is prepared for just about anything, which is probably why she got the Dutch Mill assortment, “The Works”! Like this assortment, Elaine is usually prepared for projects a whole season in advance. Always working ahead and planning early has worked out for Elaine over the years, and her tasks seem to flourish because of it! It’s no wonder her work blooms much like an extremely prepared garden!


Helen – Striped Squill!!

Helen Collage

We’re not surprised that Communications and Volunteer Project Manager, Helen Dauka got Striped Squill! Helen has been very successful at KAB since she first bloomed as an intern. Over the years Helen has managed to grow here at Keep Akron Beautiful, into the bright bulb she is now! Like these successful flowers, Helen thrives just about anywhere, but we’re glad she decided to plant her roots at the Keep Akron Beautiful office!


Shelby – Indoor Narcissus Paper Whites!!

ME Collage

Getting Paper Whites for my result did not really come as a shock! Like Paper Whites, I am a pretty easy-going person who enjoys spending time indoors. Just like these gorgeous white bulbs, I am successful at making gifts and enjoy hours of Netflix, especially during the winter months! Since starting at Keep Akron Beautiful I have been able to grow in my field. Thanks to the guidance of the other flower-like members of KAB, I am blooming into quite the bulb!


Jacqui – Foxtrot Tulips!!

Jacqui Collage

Keep Akron Beautiful CEO Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti, also got Foxtrot Tulips! Like Cindy, Jacqui is a joy to have around the office! With gracefulness, Jacqui gets involved in many projects that seem to blossom into so much more for KAB and the city. Just like these shimmering bulbs, Jacqui’s projects tend to become very creative and elegant. It seems like Jacqui manages to strut through projects without letting anything get in her way!


Now that you have seen which flowers match which members of the KAB staff, take our Bulbscape quiz here, to see which flower best matches your personality! This is the last week KAB will be able to take Bulbscape orders, as Bulbscape ends on Friday, October 30th!

All proceeds from Bulbscape go towards Keep Akron Beautiful’s 2016 Flowerscape sites throughout the city of Akron! If you would like to assist KAB in the conitnuation of our beautiful Flowerscape program, make sure your Bulbscape order forms are turned in by this Friday, the 30th!

King Alfred Daffodil Picture Source —- New Tiger Lily Picture Source




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