Brightening up the Holidays with LEDs

By: Shelby Baker

Before you bust out your old-school string of lights to hang up this year, consider brightening up your holidays a little differently. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA) more homeowners are opting to decorate their houses with LED lights instead of traditional incandescent ones! Using LEDs can improve your decorations and when comparing LED strings to your old incandescent, LEDs can make a big difference! Check out some of the benefits LED lights offer over incandescent lights!

  • Longer bulb life
    • (3-year warranties; average life up to 100,000 hours)
  • Saving on Energy
    • (16-17 watts of savings for a 25-foot light string)
  • Brighter colors
    • (LEDs generate only one color, while incandescent bulbs use color filters which waste more light)
  • Cooler operation
    • (No hot filament inside, which helps the bulbs stay cooler)
  • Miniatures
    • (Smaller strings are offered and can be used to decorate smaller areas such as shrubs, plants, foliage, etc. Miniatures can also come designed with a battery operation, eliminating power cords)
  • Magnetic Sockets
    • (Magnets built-in to sockets in LED strings can make hanging lights quicker and more reliable)

For more LED lighting tips, visit, and consider using LEDs instead of your incandescent light strings this year! LEDs may change the way you feel about decorating the house this time of year!

Recycling Christmas Lights with St. Hilary

By: Shelby Baker

Now that it’s Christmas season, many of us are decorating our trees and houses with beautiful lights. Although it’s supposed to be fun putting up lights, sometimes there are problems!




You may pull out a string of lights this year and find out they don’t work! Even if you try unplugging them, and then plugging them back in again.  Or in a worst case scenario, you might step back after decorating your tree and notice only half the lights work! The bottom line is, lights that don’t work can be frustrating to say the least! However, before tossing your lights in the trash consider this alternative!





St. HilaryThis holiday, St. Hilary will take those pain in the neck dead lights off your hands! St. Hilary, located at 2750 W. Market St. in Fairlawn, is hosting a Parish drive-thru recycling event on December 5th from 9 a.m. to noon. You can drop off non-working AND unwanted Christmas lights.

There will be cookies and hot chocolate to thank those who drop off lights. The lights will then be taken by the parish to the recycling center.  Proceeds from the recycling event will go to the Parish’s Giving Tree. So not only will you get rid of your old Christmas lights this year, you are doing it for a good cause!



Recycle old and dead decorative lights with St. Hilary, instead of letting them pile up in your basement!  You can receive hot chocolate and cookies, help out a good cause, and get those frustrating lights off your hands, for FREE! If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of this holiday season, check it out! More information at St. Hilary’s website.