A Garden of Bulbs at the KAB Office!

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) has designed a way for you to see which of our bulbs best matches your personality! Take our Bulbscape quiz today to find which bulb would be best for your garden based on your personality! The KAB team has already taken the quiz and the results are in! Check out who’s personality matches which flower!

Flower Collage

Intern Lauren – Striped Squill!!

Lauren Collage

It’s no surprise Keep Akron Beautiful Intern, Lauren Brady got Striped Squill! Like these icy-blue bulbs, Lauren is a hard worker and has been successful at jobs here at Keep Akron Beautiful! Just about any project KAB gives Lauren tends to flourish into something that lasts a full season! You’ve gotten to see examples of Lauren’s work in projects like the Bulbscape logo! Lauren continues to flourish in our offices and on projects she commits herself to!


Cindy – Foxtrot Tulips!!

Cindy Collage

Office Manager Cindy Pantea got Foxtrot Tulips! Much like these angelic-like flowers, Cindy manages to light up the office with her charming self for months! Cindy seems to thrive best when she is able to be creative! Being creative and having fun around the office is why Cindy’s best fit is the Foxtrot Tulip! Her soft personality matches the soft-pink petals, these flowers bloom and we love to see her dancing from project to project, within the office!


Elaine – “The Works“!!

Elaine Collage

Controller Elaine Murphy is prepared for just about anything, which is probably why she got the Dutch Mill assortment, “The Works”! Like this assortment, Elaine is usually prepared for projects a whole season in advance. Always working ahead and planning early has worked out for Elaine over the years, and her tasks seem to flourish because of it! It’s no wonder her work blooms much like an extremely prepared garden!


Helen – Striped Squill!!

Helen Collage

We’re not surprised that Communications and Volunteer Project Manager, Helen Dauka got Striped Squill! Helen has been very successful at KAB since she first bloomed as an intern. Over the years Helen has managed to grow here at Keep Akron Beautiful, into the bright bulb she is now! Like these successful flowers, Helen thrives just about anywhere, but we’re glad she decided to plant her roots at the Keep Akron Beautiful office!


Shelby – Indoor Narcissus Paper Whites!!

ME Collage

Getting Paper Whites for my result did not really come as a shock! Like Paper Whites, I am a pretty easy-going person who enjoys spending time indoors. Just like these gorgeous white bulbs, I am successful at making gifts and enjoy hours of Netflix, especially during the winter months! Since starting at Keep Akron Beautiful I have been able to grow in my field. Thanks to the guidance of the other flower-like members of KAB, I am blooming into quite the bulb!


Jacqui – Foxtrot Tulips!!

Jacqui Collage

Keep Akron Beautiful CEO Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti, also got Foxtrot Tulips! Like Cindy, Jacqui is a joy to have around the office! With gracefulness, Jacqui gets involved in many projects that seem to blossom into so much more for KAB and the city. Just like these shimmering bulbs, Jacqui’s projects tend to become very creative and elegant. It seems like Jacqui manages to strut through projects without letting anything get in her way!


Now that you have seen which flowers match which members of the KAB staff, take our Bulbscape quiz here, to see which flower best matches your personality! This is the last week KAB will be able to take Bulbscape orders, as Bulbscape ends on Friday, October 30th!

All proceeds from Bulbscape go towards Keep Akron Beautiful’s 2016 Flowerscape sites throughout the city of Akron! If you would like to assist KAB in the conitnuation of our beautiful Flowerscape program, make sure your Bulbscape order forms are turned in by this Friday, the 30th!

King Alfred Daffodil Picture Source —- New Tiger Lily Picture Source




KAB Helps Make a Difference

By Lauren Brady & Helen Dauka

We woke up bright and early on Saturday, October 24 to help lead different groups from the University of Akron in community projects for Make a Difference Day.

At 9:30 a.m. we met our first gr1oup of volunteers at Summit Lake to stain bleachers at the baseball field and clean up litter around the lake and trail. Our six volunteers came from a group at the University of Akron called Lead Akron. Lead Akron is a leadership program at the university that helps students develop leadership skills through educational and experiential opportunities.

image2The group definitely showed us their leadership skills and knocked out cleaning and staining the first set of bleachers in no time! We were only able to tackle the seats of the bleachers and had to leave the floorboard unstained until the seats were dry enough to walk on. By the time the second set of seats were stained on another set of bleachers, it started to sprinkle. Instead of trying to stain the floorboards from our first set of bleachers, we moved on to collecting litter.

Each volunteer was given a “litter-grabber” and a trash bag and/or recycle bag. Unfortunately, most of the litter found was along the vegetation around the lake. Our volunteers were able to collect 6 large bags of trash and one bag full of recyclables before the Roo Express came back to pick them up After sorting through some of the trash bags, much of the litter was able to be diverted into our recycling bags!

Thank you, Lead Akron, for all of your help at the Summit Lake cleanup this year!

The next Make A Difference Day Project we stopped at was on Kenmore Boulevard. Julie Ann Sweet really began tackling community beautification long ago, acting as a citizen committee member during the Clean Up Akron Month Summit Lake Cleanup.










Julie Ann organized a group of volunteers, including the Cardinal Football team. Volunteers collected litter from the neighborhoods, winterized the flowerbeds that run down the middle of Kenmore Boulevard, and more! KAB was able to loan this group the litter cleanup bags, gloves, safety vests and Purell!








12074650_10156255073275604_6588142387269027395_nFinally, we rolled our Litter & Illegal Dump Trailer into Davenport Park where we met our next group of University of Akron Students. This group was made up of mostly chemical engineering students! Once again, we were amazed at their hard work and efficiency. Not only were they able to repaint the door frames on the shelter of the park, they were able to spruce up a concession stand by the baseball field, eradicate litter from the park and remove the leaves that had overwhelmed the tennis courts.

All the painting projects that were done on Saturday were made possible by the City of Akron Recreation Department who supplied the paint and painting tools!


While KAB could not be there in person, our Community Pride Trailer made its appearance at the 2015 Trash N’ Treat Canal Clean-Up with the Ohio Erie Canalway Coalition.

Over 70 volunteers gather to collect approximately 150 bags of litter from W Exchange Street, Lock 4, Lock 3 to Barteges Street. Great work!


Check out more of the OECC cleanup on their Facebook album!

BULBS 101: Tiger Lilies Can Be Used for What?…..

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Bulbscape is quickly coming to a close, but Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) has more info on bulbs to share! If you haven’t gotten the chance to browse through the catalog or you missed our latest bulb blogs don’t worry! This week’s bulb blog is all about our New Tiger Lilies.

Although the name is fierce, Tiger Lilies don’t require much special attention. Plant your Tiger Lilies in early to mid-autumn and make sure to keep the soil moist for beautiful lily blooms from July to September. These easy to grow bulbs will bloom upwards of 3 to 4 feet tall and 3 inches wide. Besides producing vibrant attention-getting petals with spots, these flowers can be used for an array of things! Check out some of the uses you can use your Tiger Lilies for:


BouquetYour Tiger Lilies will make a beautiful and cheap addition to any bouquet! Pluck them from your garden, and add them to your bouquets for their stunning colors and unique petals. Tiger Lilies can make your bouquet pop or add a subtle elegance to your walk down the isle.

Hair Accessories

HairBe unique and add these bulbs as an accessory. Dare to be the only one at Prom with these exotic bulbs lighting up the room! Putting them in your hair can really attract glamours attention at any event!

Cake Topper

Wedding CakeDazzle everyone at a party when you use your Lilies as a cake topper. These bulbs look stellar on top of wedding cakes or attention grabbing on a birthday cake! Either way, you’re bound to make your guests jealous!

Window Treatments

Window TreatmentLight up rooms in your home by placing an arrangement of Tiger Lilies in front of a window. Bright colors can attract attention and make your rooms appear more open. Or place a subtle white Tiger Lily assortment to add elegance and a taste of exotic to your home!

Center Piece

CenterThis is one you might not have considered! Tiger Lilies look great in a garden or a pot, but have you thought about submerging them in water? Center pieces like the one pictured here add picture-perfect beauty to your tables. Add a floating candle on top of the water to help highlight the colors in the petals and to bring a touch of unique to the table.

These are just a few ways you can use your beautiful Tiger Lilies next summer! Use some of these examples or get creative and make up some new uses for Tiger Lilies! Be sure to share your examples and ideas here or on our Facebook page! Dare to be different and who knows, maybe your creations could be used for next year’s Bulbscape blogs! Enjoy your Tiger Lilies!

Mark Your Calendars: America Recycles Day 2015

By: Lauren Brady – Communications Intern

Save the Date! November 15th is America Recycles Day! Have you made your pledge to recycle?ARD2015-logo-noborderInitiated by Keep America Beautiful, America Recycles Day (ARD), is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling here in the United States. Many organizations and communities work to generate awareness of recycling by hosting different events such as competitions, demonstrations, collection drives, displays and tours, in order to encourage people to make recycling a part of their lifestyle.

Here at Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB), we are teaming up with River Valley Paper Company to host our own, month-long event to celebrate recycling: The 6th Annual Recycle Bowl.

Innes CLC accepting their check for $500 in 2014

Innes CLC accepting their check for $500 in 2014

23 Akron Public Schools and 6 private schools in the Akron area have registered to be a part of the recycle bowl this year to celebrate America Recycles Day. schools will work together to see who can accumulate the most paper waste in their River Valley Paper bins from October 20th through November 17th. The winning elementary school will win a school wide pizza party and a $250 cash prize. Our winning high school and middle school will receive a $500 cash prize and tour of the River Valley Paper Company plant for 50 students and faculty members. We will also be rewarding the overall winning school a $500 cash prize as well as $250 rewarded to the school deemed most improved from 2014-2015.


Case Elementary School won Most Improved in 2014

Case Elementary School won Most Improved in 2014

During the Recycle Bowl, we will also be hosting a poster contest. 13 winners will be selected and rewarded a $50 American Express Gift Card for their artwork that celebrates recycling. Teachers who submit a winning poster will also receive a $50 American Express Card. Contest winners will have their artwork featured in River Valley Paper Company’s Calendar for 2016, and the overall winner will be featured on the front cover and receive a $100 American Express Gift Card!

While the majority of this event is to promote recycling through incentive and competition, we have also created an educational aspect by putting together lesson plans for elementary school teachers to share with their students.  We have also put together a Pinterest board with ideas that teachers are able to incorporate into their lesson plans as well. We want to ensure younger generations are also being informed about the importance of recycling and sharing the techniques and information they learn at school with their families and friends at home.

The following public schools are participating in the Recycle Bowl and will have River Valley Paper Company collection bins on their property:


2014 poster contest winner, Shayla Elzholz

Betty Jane CLC, Buchtel High School, Case Elementary School, David Hill CLC, East CLC 7-8, Ellet High School, Findley CLC, Firestone Park Elementary School, Forest Hill CLC, Hatton Elementary School, Helen Arnold CLC, Hyre CLC, Innes CLC, Jennings CLC, Judith A. Resnik CLC, Kenmore High School, Leggett CLC, Litchfield Middle School, McEbright CLC, North High School, Sam-Salem CLC, Seiberling Elementary School, and Voris CLC.   The following private school locations are also included in our competition: Chapel Hill Christian School, Hoban High School, Middlebury Academy, Old Trail School, Our Lady of the Elms, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and St. Bernard- St. Mary.

You can dump any of your junk mail, magazines, phone books, paperboard, catalogs, office paper, newspaper and cardboard in these bins recycle bin to help your school succeed in the Recycle Bowl. The bins will be hauled out by River Valley Paper company every other week to their plant, where they will record the amount of paper schools have collected throughout the competition and ultimately calculate a winner!

Last year, we were proud to announce that 27.405 tons or 54,810 pounds of paper was recycled citywide, 1.785 tons more than in 2013! We hope to see those numbers increase even more this year!

If you’re determined to make a difference in your lifestyle and help save our environment by recycling, take the pledge today, and help out the schools in your community by dumping your paper-waste in their bins this month!