Great Tips For A Green Graduation

By Helen Dauka, Communications and Volunteer Project Manager

Green Graduation

‘Tis the season for graduations! No matter what milestone you are reaching, it’s a time for celebration as you reflect on all you have accomplished and all that is yet to come. But this year, before you get swept up in all the excitement read up on these easy ways to make your graduation a green affair.

1. The Gown
Graduation gowns are typically made of polyester, a material that is not recycled and is destined for a landfill (or the back of your closet). Gowns can make a great keepsake or helpful hand-me-down (if you’re lucky enough to find someone your same height!). GreenerGrads is a great solution to this problem. They will recover, reuse, repurpose and recyle your gown 10-12 times. What’s really cool is that you can track the journey of your gown!

2. How You Feed Your Party 
Make small steps to make your party zero waste—cloth napkins & tablecloths, reusable flatware & silverware. If you’re feeding a large crowd, it could be more feasible to opt for finger foods which remove the need for silverware!

3. Set Yourself Up for Success!
Keep Akron Beautiful has a great Receptacle program. You can rent recycling & litter receptacles from our offices for free!

4. Going Green from the Start
Opt to send announcements & invitations via email! Why waste the paper & postage? Save yourself some money while being kind to the environment!

5. Better Safe Than Sorry…
While this might not be a green tip, it could still be a life saver when it comes time for your party.
You can register your graduation party with police departments in Bath, Copley, Fairlawn and Richfield. By registering your get-together, police will step up patrols in your neighborhood to ensure the safety of younger graduates, parking hazards and other safety concerns. To register a party:

    • in Bath, go and follow the link to the Bath Police Department page;
    • in Copley, call the police department’s administrative office at 330-666-4218 during normal business hours;
    • in Fairlawn, call 330-670-4300 or 330-666-8871; and
    • in Richfield, email

What are your tips for a successful celebration?