2014 Community Appearance Index Results

By: Genevieve Bohnak, The University of Akron Intern

Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) conducted the Community Appearance Index on June 13, 2014, a tool designed by Keep America Beautiful to visually assess the overall appearance of communities through indicators such as litter, illegal signs, and graffiti. A team of community, business, and government representatives conducted the visual analysis using a scoring system with choices ranging from 1-4, with “1” being minimal or no litter to “4” being extremely littered.

The Litter Index for the city of Akron rated 1.3. Temporary Illegal Signage Index rated a 1.08, reflecting an average of fewer than 5 signs illegally placed on public land in any one ward and the Graffiti Index rated a 1.06. A 2 graffiti rating would mean 1-2 small tags per ward, no larger than 6 feet by 6 feet and could be cleaned up by 1-2 people.

This year’s index numbers for litter, illegal signs, and graffiti have improved since last year’s survey. While all ten wards scored an average number less than 2, Ward 2 had the lowest average number of litter, illegal signs, and graffiti amounts. The City of Akron’s overall Litter Index decreased from last year’s index number from 1.6 to 1.3 and the illegal temporary signage index significantly decreased from 1.5 to a 1.08! The graffiti index had a slight increase from 1 to 1.08 when comparing 2014’s rating to last year’s numbers.

This year the survey team included: Terry Glidden, Gas Operations Manager of Dominion East Ohio and KAB Board Member; Sue Kruder, Emeritus KAB Board Member, Cheryl  Johnson, Motor Equipment Customer Service Request Agent, Ann Hubiak and Jane Delcamp KAB Volunteers, Anthony King, Supervisor from Street Cleaning and Genevieve Bohnak, summer intern from KAB.

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