Look at This Akron City Beautification Pride!

Collection of Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards

Akron resident displays all Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards

By Cindy Pantea

There are countless individuals who are proudly displaying their Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards — so we are told, but here is one picture to prove it in at least one home.

Donnie Kammer, Councilman, Ward 7, checked in on one of his mature constituents, and was shown, with gleaming pride, a wall full of 15 awards! We are so glad he shared this picture.

And there are more Beautification Watch Award stories…read actual quotes from emails and notes from Akron residents below.

Sharing and Trading Plants and Ideas

In an email from a resident who asked to remain nameless if we mentioned this: We have a friend, for whom life is difficult and who lives in another part of the city, who was really thrilled to receive her certificate. I know she has put a lot of thought and effort over many years into developing and maintinaing her small yard and garden. It’s an activity she really enjoys. We have traded plants and ideas over the years.

Beautification/Environmental Education: A Family Event

An email from Dolores: Our 11 year old grandaughter Alexandra planted the flowers under my supervision,  You made her day.  Your letter is framed and hangs in our home.  We appreciate all the work you do to make Akron beautiful.

Enthusiasm About Others

An email from Michael: Is there a public list of properties that received the award available? I would love to drive around and see some of the other awardees!

(The answer to this is, by the way, is no, but our Keep Akron Beautiful can Beautification Watch Award volunteers would say that a drive or walk through Akron neighborhoods sure makes for a beautiful summertime event.)

More Akron Pride

An email from Sally: I believe that it is a pleasure to be a responsible homeowner in Akron, so I thank you for your efforts in caring for our outstanding city.

An email from Johnn: Keep up the good work. We’re making progress every year on getting flowers planted, yards maintained, and developing a cleaner, more livable city. It’s so much improved over the years since we arrived in 1969.

Note from Jan and Rich: My husband and I are “house proud” so we love being honored by you. And, we love Akron!

A note from Sandra: It is nice to know that one’s gardening is enjoyed by others. Thanks for the award. Thanks to you and your staff that keeps all of Akron beautiful.

Note from Robert:  Thank you for the award. I am flattered. I am a native of Akron, born in 1920, and never left town except for 4 years in the AAF during WWII. I love Akron.

Note from Beth and Bob: We work hard on keep it clean, planting flowers, no weeds. We do not pay anyone to do anything. We do it all ourselves and enjoy it. Thank you so much!

Note from Madeline (who tells us she is 85): The yard is the one thing I take pride in, and keeps me going.

We enjoyed hearing from you. All of your cards, letters and emails were forwarded to Don Mittiga, Mayor Plusquellic, Marco Sommerville, Eric Jones and/or Paula Davis as you requested, all of whom were touched.


Mixed Paper Drive Taking Place October 15 Through November 9 In Akron

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

americarecyclesday.orgJust like in past years, Keep Akron Beautiful, in conjunction with the River Valley Paper Company, is hosting the 3rd annual mixed paper drive competition to help celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15, 2012. This year, 24 Akron Public Schools and 9 private schools in the Akron area are involved. During this monthlong competition from October 15 – November 9, 2012, community residents and local businesses can help make one of these schools a local and national winner by taking their magazines, phone books, paperboard, catalogs, junk mail, office paper, newspaper and cardboard to a recycle bin.

River Valley Paper Co recyle bin

Click on picture for more information about River Valley Paper Co.

Currently, bins (which look like the picture to the left) are located at the following Akron Public School locations: Helen Arnold CLC, Betty Jane CLC, Case Elementary School, Forest Hill CLC, Glover CLC, Seiberling Elementary School, Pfeiffer Elementary School,  David Hill CLC, Leggett CLC, Judith Resnick CLC, McEbright CLC, Voris CLC, Findley CLC,  Crouse CLC, East CLC, Miller South School of the Visual & Performing Arts, Jennings CLC , Hyre CLC, Innes CLC, Mason CLC, Litchfield Middle School, Kenmore High School, North High School, and Buchtel High School. New to the roster for 2012 are the following private school locations: Chapel Hill Christian School, Discovery Montessori School, Hoban High School, Imagine School, Our Lady of the Elms, Saint Bernard- Saint Mary School, Towpath Trail School, Akros Middle School, and The Edge Academy.

To increase participation, the top elementary, middle and high school to recycle the most paper per pound, per student will win a prize. The winning elementary school will win a school-wide pizza party and a $250 cash prize, while the winning middle and high schools will each win a $500 cash prize and a field trip tour of the River Valley Paper Company plant for 50 students and faculty. In addition, all participating schools are also competing on a national level in the Recycle Bowl competition. Due to the success of Keep Akron Beautiful’s mixed recycle paper drive two years ago, Keep America Beautiful used KAB’s program as the template for their national competition. Along with the prizes listed above, all 33 schools have the chance to win an additional $1,000, $750 or $500 through the national Recycle Bowl Competition. 

 This paper drive was designed to prove that Akron’s school staff and students, parents, community members and local businesses can help save trees, which help purge the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, by giving their trash a second life. The receptacles are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Filling up the collection bins will not only help the school win the paper drive, but it also raises money for the school to use for clubs, their recycling efforts or team uniforms.

The students at all of the participating schools will be working very hard to win this competition! Please assist them by bringing your recyclables to a school near you!

Summit of Sustainability Awards: Tickets On Sale Now

Join The Summit of Sustainability Awards on Facebook

Click on picture to join The Summit of Sustainability Awards on Facebook

By Cindy Pantea

Interested in learning more about the first ever countywide Summit of Sustainability Awards to recognize area organizations for their green initiatives? Want to find out how your business or non-profit organization can help promote an eco-friendly community and get recognized for their practices? Join us on October 25, 2012, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at The University of Akron, Student Union Ballroom, and get your eco-friendly wheels churning for 2013.

Buy tickets or a corporate table today. It’s the perfect educational luncheon for employees or Green Committee members in your business or non-profit.

At this event, you will not only see the current sustainable best practices of the 3 winners (to be named later) but also view other organizations’ best practices as well.

You will also hear from keynote speaker Elaine Gallagher Adams, AIA, a senior consultant with the buildings program at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

About Elaine Gallagher Adams

A project manager and licensed architect with a wide range of experience in building design, historic preservation, energy conservation, and green operations, as well as expertise in passive solar design and rehabilitating existing buildings, Elaine Gallagher Adams has a particular interest in achieving energy and resource conservation through effective urban planning and creative building design – learning from historic precedence and integrating RMI’s whole-systems design approach to buildings, campuses, communities, cities and regions.

The Summit of Sustainability Awards is part of the City of Akron’s sustainability plan, Greenprint for Akron, which is facilitated by Keep Akron Beautiful.

Keep Akron Beautiful: An Intern’s Tale

By Helen Dauka, Keep Akron Beautiful Intern from The University of Akron

Helen Dauka 2012 Keep Akron Beautiful Intern When I first embarked on my interning adventure, the experience was very similar to a blind date. I was set up with the non profit organization, Keep Akron Beautiful through what can be referred to as “a mutual friend,” the School of Communication at The University of Akron.

The School of Communication has an internship program that sets up interviews with non profits and other organizations in hopes that the student will be offered an intern position there. The interviews are set up after an application process and a general assessment of the student’s skills and career goals.

Any interview can be nerve-wracking. Going on my interview with Keep Akron Beautiful was no different:

Will they like me? Will I like them? What if there are other applicants? Will I be able to live up to the standards left by interns past?

Luckily, Keep Akron Beautiful and I really hit it off on our first date.. I mean interview. I’ve been interning for KAB since the first week of June and things have been great! I’ve learned so much about public relations since I started and about the work environment in general. The atmosphere here is supportive.

I think any good relationship should make you a better version of yourself and give you a supportive environment to help make it happen.

Here’s to another great season of interning at Keep Akron Beautiful! 

If you are interested in the Keep Akron Beautiful internship program, please contact Keep Akron Beautiful