The Adopt-A-Site program is a beautification project that involves volunteers who plant and maintain public lands in Akron on an ongoing basis. KAB assists by advising groups on whether topography is good for planting, landscape plans, first year site preparation, wholesale purchase of plant materials and free hydrant connections for watering. KAB provides bags for cleanups and trash removal at season's end and gives instructions for proper planting and maintenance techniques during the spring clinic.


If you are interested in starting an Adopt-A-Site in your neighborhood, call KAB Flowerscape Director, Leah Heiser at 330.375.2116 ext 7 or contact Leah by email. We start new volunteer groups for Adopt-A-Sites from January-March only but if you are thinking about adopting a site at any other time, we would be happy to put your group on the "interested" list. We are looking forward to welcoming your volunteer group into the program!

Criteria necessary to become an Adopt-A-Site



Our Flowerscape Director, Leah Heiser, helps to coordinate over 64 Adopt-A-Sites in all ten wards of the city. This gardening program oversees and guides the volunteers who beautify neighborhood sites on public land. Neighborhood sites must meet and follow basic criteria before becoming Adopt-A-Sites, such as water accessibility. In 2016, KAB helped one veteran volunteer group move their existing site and also had 1 new site join our neighborhood and civic groups, schools and Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority Developement locations.Each year in April, the agency hosts a training workshop clinic so the Flowerscape Director can show new community volunteers how to maintain their annual beds for 5 months via a PowerPoint show . All volunteers are welcome to attend annually.

2018 Adopt-A-Site Clinic will take place Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 6-8 PM at the Mason Community Learning Center.

You will receive an invitation to the clinic once your location and other criteria is approved.



Current Adopt-A-Site Volunteers can pay for their flowers HERE

 If you are having an issue with the water hookup at your Adopt-A-Site, please review the

Adopt-A-Site Troubleshooting Form before contacting us!

Here are some PLANTING TIPS from retired Flowerscape Director, Polly!