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Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) is a nonprofit organization, that was established in 1981 to implement a comprehensive litter prevention, recycling promotion and beautification program for the City of Akron.

Keep Akron Beautiful is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization mandated to serve the citizens of Akron, Ohio, KAB is funded by the private sector, and the City of Akron. To obtain IRS Form 990 information, visit http://www.guidestar.org/organizations/34-1341298/keep-akron-beautiful.aspx.

KAB develops and implements public education and community improvement programs on litter prevention, recycling, graffiti eradication, waste management and beautification to encourage citizens to take pride in Akron by participating in these activities. The Board of Directors envisions a litter-free Akron, where all citizens and businesses take pride and responsibility for the cleanliness and beautification of their environment. Mission Statement: Improving Akron's quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management.

A board of directors, appointed by the mayor of the City of Akron, governs KAB. 

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KAB Staff


You can contact a specific person by clicking on the underlined name below to email (if applicable) or dial coordinating number (if applicable).

Need directions? We are located at 850 E. Market St between where Carroll Street and Arlington Road meet E. Market. If you are going east, we are on the right side in the City of Akron Central Services building (white brick) in the front office. See the Keep Akron Beautiful contact us page for additional info.


Office Crew



Jacqui Flaherty-RicchiutiExecutive Director  & CEO - 330.375.2116 option 2


As Executive Director and CEO of Keep Akron Beautiful, Jacqui’s role is to lead the nonprofit agency that is responsible for beautification and responsible environmental management in the City of Akron. Jacqui develops programs that address community needs, recruits volunteers, educates students and sees that the City of Akron  and the Greater Akron Area is a beautiful and clean place to live. She is also responsible for much of the agency's fundraising, managing the board of directors, and working alongside the City of Akron Service Department.

Jacqui loves Akron - she is always getting involved in a new project or program, but some of her favorite things to do include volunteering with the Junior League of Akron, enjoying events and eating pasta at her husband Bruno's Italian Club (The Carovillese Club in North Hill) and enjoying the city in the summertime!


Helen Dauka, Communications and Volunteer Project Manager - 330.375.2116 option 5

As the Communications and Volunteer Project Manager, Helen is responsible for the marketing, public relations, volunteer project management and much more for Keep Akron Beautiful. Helen oversees the Dreamscape, Community Pride and Litter and Illegal Dump Trailers, America Recycles Day/Recycle Bowl competition and Internship programs.

Helen’s favorite thing about Akron is how much opportunity there is and how everyone has the opportunity to make something new happen. Helen loves that there is always something new to discover or do.



Elaine Murphy, Controller - 330.375.2116 option 3


As the Controller, Elaine is responsible for all financial operations within the office. Elaine handles all of the accounting, payroll and purchasing necessary to keep the office running smoothly.

Some Elaine’s Akron favorites include the Towpath Trail, Don Drumm Studios, Luigi’s, Lawson’s Chip Dip  and Strickland’s Ice Cream.




Cindy Pantea, Communications and Office Manager - 330.375.2116 option 1


As the Communications and Office Manager , Cindy’s main responsibility is to represent the agency and explain various Keep Akron Beautiful programming to those seeking more information. Cindy handles public property litter complaints issued through City Customer Service (3-1-1) and maintains the databases required for the agency.  She also runs the Loan-A-Receptacle litter box program as well as contributes to KAB’s social media, fundraising and grant writing. In addition to KAB programming, Cindy sits on The Summit of Sustainability committees.

Cindy’s favorite thing about Akron is driving through the city and seeing the beautiful KAB Flowerscapes!



Pam Ray, Education Specialist - 330.375.2116 option 6


As the Educational Specialist, Pam is responsible for putting together educational programs to share with the local elementary schools to foster a sense of environmental consciousness at a young age. Pam’s primary focus is on Arbor Day, where she is able to explain the history and importance of the holiday. Pam is passionate about working with children, as well as the environment.

Pam’s favorite thing about Akron is how clean and beautiful it has become. Pam has been an Akron resident for 45 years.





Flowerscape Crew



Flowerscape Director - Leah Heiser - 330.375.2116 option 7


As the Flowerscape Director, Leah is responsible for the planning and implementing of beautification programs such as the Adopt-A-Site, in which Leah coordinates neighborhood volunteer gardeners to make a difference in their community. Leah also oversees the planning, planting and maintenance of the flowerbeds around Akron, the Flowerscape Program, and assists with community education regarding planting and environmental responsibility.

Leah’s favorite thing about Akron is the sense of community. She loves that there is a great group of people that really care about the city and improving its future. She believes that there are many ways to get involved to make this happen!




Flowerscape Director (Contractual) - Polly Kaczmarek - 330.375.2116 option 7


Polly Kaczmarek, former Flowerscape Director of Keep Akron Beautiful, announced her retirement in December of 2015 after 33 years and is currently working contractually with the agency. Polly is training Leah to take over the program that she

began in 1983.


Flowerscape Forewoman - Sue Johns


As a Flowerscape Forewoman, Sue is able to improve the morale of the community by assisting with  beautification programs. Sue puts a bright spot in people's day, and brings a smile to people's face.


Sue's favorite thing to do in Akron is to go to Locke 3 to listen to rock and country music!


Flowerscape Crewperson -  Tim Wilson


As a Flowerscape Crewperson, Tim is responsible for keeping Akron beautiful by maintaining  flowerbeds all over Akron with the Flowerscape team.

Tim’s favorite thing about Akron is watching the seasons change. Tim loves Akron for all of the great people and talent that exists here locally.





Litter and Graffiti Crew



Litter Collection & Graffiti Coordinator- Tim Reid - 330.375.2116 option 4


As the Litter Control and Community Service Coordinator, Tim is responsible for locating litter and graffiti throughout Akron and coordinating litter and graffiti removal crews to remove it before it has time to accumulate. Tim also monitors chronically littered and illegal dumping sites and sends community service workers to remove the debris.

Tim loves his job because he is able to give back to his hometown and keep Akron clean & beautiful. Tim takes a great deal of pride in Akron, and his work!



Litter Collection Supervisor - Gordan Bartell 

As Litter Collection Supervisor, Gordan is responsible for organizing community service workers to help them give back to the City of Akron.

Gordan's favorite part about living in Akron is having a National Park right in our backyard. Gordan most enjoys hiking and camping along different trails in Cuyahoga Valley.



Litter Collection Supervisor - William Ford


As Litter Collection Supervisor, William is responsible for assisting people to complete service hours, aswell as give them advice on how to be a good citizen. With the community service workers, William cleans the community, and believes that it is a group effort to be responsible for the environment.

William enjoys spending time with his great-grandchildren and fishing  at Springfield and Portage Lakes. His biggest catch was a White Bass!







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